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Memory Cards

A ram memory cards is a virtual device that allows us to store temporarily digital information on it.

It is used in electronic devices like telephones, cameras and computers.

The memory card comes built into the device with a certain amount of memory,

Each device and its understandable quantity and in most devices there is an option to replace an old card

A card that no longer has room in a new card or add another card to the one that already exists and thus

Increase storage on the specific device.

In the past computers had DDR 1, 2 and 3 cards and today there are DDR 4s that exist in different sizes and in different connections to the motherboard, both laptops and desktops and each has its own speed and internal memory of 1 GB to 32 GB.


Random access memory.

RAM is for temporary storage only and doesn’t store information forever.

This card is very fast relative to the speed of a hard disk and is mainly intended for storing the software we use.

Computers have a large amount of memory types and they are all characterized by the ability of the processor to go directly to any cell in memory by its address, write in it and read from it.

The most common type of memory today is DRAM.

DRAM memory loses its contents as soon as the memory is disconnected from its energy source i.e. once the RAM memory is disconnected from the computer then all the content in the memory is erased.

The Ram card needs to be refreshed several times per second to maintain the content contained in it.

This memory card is mounted on the computer motherboard and each computer has at least one.

Memory cards size and speed are basic features of any computer.

This memory is used to store the computer program and store the data while the processor is running.

Different computers need different memory i.e. some computers do not need large memory and some computers need memory of at least 16 GB of RAM to run.

For standard office computers, 4-8 GB of RAM is enough, but those who need a computer for graphics or a gamer’s computer, and any computer that needs to contain multiple software and heavy files, should have as much gigabyte of RAM as possible to prevent the computer from crashing.

If you feel that the computer is slow and not working properly, it is advisable to add more memory to it.

Also, if you notice that you need to use a larger amount of software or heavy software it is also advisable to upgrade and add RAM to your computer.

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