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Phone cables

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Phone cables

There is a wide variety of cables for phones but note that each cable is different from the other and each phone has a different input and not every cable will fit every device.

Before you buy a cable for your phone, pay attention to the type of input and output of the cable to make sure that it really fits your device.

Another thing to pay attention to is not to buy a cheap and fake cable as such cables may damage the phone battery.

We recommend that you purchase an original cable that is adapted to your telephone device or at least purchase a cable that is not original but from a reputable and quality company and one that is approved by the original company.

The mobile phone is one of the most common, useful and important devices that exist today for humans. We purchase accessories of the best quality so that you are satisfied with them above all.

Most people use their phone every day most of the day and many of us probably fiddle with the phone even before getting out of bed in the morning.

For all these reasons we recommend paying attention to the pros and cons of each cable to purchase the best cable that will allow you to synchronize data, data transfer and charge in a quality and fast way and you can connect the cable to phone, computer and socket and perform several operations simultaneously.

Types of cables you can find:

Lightning cable – a fast data cable for connection to an outlet or computer, this cable allows charging and synchronization at the same time. This type of cable is suitable for iPhones.

Cable Type C to USB, smaller and supports advanced and fast standards.

The cable supports data transfer as well as fast charging. This type of cable is suitable for new Android devices mainly. Due to its symmetric shape on both sides it can be connected to a device from both directions.

Micro USB cable – cable for synchronization and charging. Suitable for a variety of devices such as Android, like Nokia, Samsung, etc.

Older cables with a small adapter like Mini USB.

Note that cables can be of different lengths like 1 meter or 2 meters.

Adapting a cable to the device:

So how do we know which cable type is right for our device?

Older Apple devices will need the outdated cable with the wide input, however all new Apple devices have a Lightning cable input which is characterized by a USB connection on one side and on the other side a narrow and thin input that is suitable for Apple devices only.

If you have an Android device, like Nokia, LG or Samsung has different connections as well according to the type of device.

Older devices will need a Micro USB connection that is characterized by a thick and small input that is not the same from both directions and therefore can be inserted into the device only in a certain way.

If you have a newer device then chances are the entry will suit it Type C which is characterized by a thin entry but not as thin as Apple’s and is rounded.

There are also devices today that have a cable connection without an input, an input that is magnetized to the device without physical input into the device.

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