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Piano, Theory and Composition Lessons

Piano, Theory and Composition Lessons

Raanan Amir

Piano, Theory and Composition Lessons

Raanan Amir, a student at the Jerusalem Academy of Music, in the Department of Composition.

Specializes in a variety of styles – Pop, Jazz, Instrumental, Latin, Hip hop, and more.

Teaches piano and keyboards to beginners, intermediates and advanced students, in a pleasant atmosphere and adapted to the student’s needs.

Not only piano, we will learn rhythm skills, musical hearing and elements of theory and and harmony essential for composing and song writing.

Will go deep and enjoy our time together 🙂

Rehearsal room in jerusalem | חדר חזרות בירושלים | לידר מחשבים
מערכת תופים בחדר חזרות | Drums | לידר מחשבים
קלידים בחדר חזרות | Keyboard | לידר מחשבים
Rehearsal room from above | חדר חזרות מלמעלה | לידר מחשבים
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