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The keyboard is a must-have accessory for the computer, which means we will not be able to operate and do things on the computer without the keyboard. The keyboard is used by us for writing texts, quick access to software, entering passwords, etc.

All this makes the keyboard a very important accessory for the operation of the computer, so it is worth knowing what types of keyboards there are and choosing the right keyboard for you.

Today we have desktops and also laptops.

The laptop comes with a built-in keyboard, however a desktop computer does not so we can choose which keyboard we want. For a desktop computer there are two keyboard options: wired and wireless.

Wired keyboard – a standard and standard keyboard that we are all familiar with and it connects via a USB cable to our computer and does not depend on batteries.

Wireless keyboard – suitable for people who are looking to be as mobile as possible and have the option to move and take the product with them and also want something light and compact or less cumbersome. The disadvantage of this type of keyboard is that its connection may be disconnected because the connection is via Bluetooth or WiFi or the batteries may run out.

Types of keyboards:

There is a wide variety of keyboards in all kinds of shapes and shades, so we recommend examining the nature of your work and deciding which keyboard is right for you.

Internet and Multimedia Keyboard – Standard keyboards that, in addition to their regular buttons, also have buttons for quick access to multimedia and the Internet.

These keys give access to the browser, email, music and video players.

Ergonomic keyboard – a special keyboard created in a way that will be comfortable for people who need to type multiple texts or have joint problems, etc.

Typing a lot on a keyboard that is not suitable for this can cause health problems for the hands, so if you are the type of person who needs to use the keyboard for multiple typing, we recommend that you equip yourself with this type of keyboard.

Gamer Keyboard – Gamer keyboards are larger keyboards than regular and better equipped keyboards, of course their price is higher accordingly.

These keyboards contain options that enhance the player’s abilities during the game and give him a better and more comfortable experience. The options that usually exist can be a set of buttons designed exclusively for games, pulleys and dials for game navigation, internal lighting for keys, USB connections that are used to connect accessories such as game boards, etc.

Portable Keyboard – If you have a laptop and do not want to use the built-in keyboard or if you have a stationary computer and you are interested in a comfortable and light keyboard that does not require clutter and can be easily taken with you then a portable keyboard is especially for you.

The disadvantage of this type of keyboard is that it is small and its buttons are small and often it will be missing buttons that are on a standard keyboard.

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