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Video Cards

A video card is what enables the display of everything our computer produces on the computer screen.

Almost all programs produce visible material and the video card is responsible for taking all this material and making it appear on the screen and it decides what they will see, in what color and in what quality.

This means that the video card receives binary data and converts it into a display signal.

Previously, the video card was responsible for displaying the products of the main processor on the screen.

At first it was just colorless text.

Today, video cards are processors in their own right.

They have their own graphics processor and they do a lot more processing work than they once did.

As we began to display more information on the screen and as the field of graphics developed so did we become more in need of video cards that do all of the above.

The most common video cards today are installed in a desktop computers in a specially designated PCI Express slot.

The better your video card, the smoother the image.

A good video card is especially important for gamers, graphic designers, photographers and video editors.

Types of video cards

Integrated video card – that are built into the motherboard and thus don’t use any another card but only this video card.

Cards of this type are mainly found in laptops and desktop computers.

This card is especially suitable for anyone who uses his computer for regular tasks such as surfing the Internet, watching movies, etc.

Video cards can be changed – an add-on installed on the motherboard in addition to the existing video card.

Especially suitable for those who want to change their system by upgrading the video cards.

Users who play modern games or do video editing almost always prefer to have a separate graphics card so that the processing time is much faster.

Most desktop computers and, accordingly, motherboards have the ability to add an additional video card. Today there is a huge variety of video cards with different graphics capabilities.

Some motherboards have expansion slots that allow the user to add more than one video card, this is called SLI NVIDIA or CrossfireX AMD and they allow users to get better performance from their system.

To use this option, you need a motherboard that is compatible with SLI or Crossfire and allows two of these cards to be linked together.

In the case of a laptop, as a rule, it is not possible to update the video card, so the best option would be to replace the computer with a better one. Those for whom high performance of a computer and a graphics card is very important can be advised to purchase a stationary computer, which may be improved in the future.

The main manufacturers of video cards are AMD and Nvidia.

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