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Converters are boxes with an electronic circuit that allows connection between different types of devices, these boxes make it possible to convert one type of device to another, for example digital signals to analogues and vice versa. The conversion can be done in audio, video, in electrical and other devices.

There is a tendency for many people to confuse a converter with an adapter.

The difference between them is that it convert a box with an electronic circuit that allows signals to be converted, this box is more expensive in price and can move around 150-300 NIS and more.

On the other hand, an adapter is a little thing or cable that allows the connection between devices or between a specific device and the converter, the adapter is not expensive in relation to the converter and can reach up to NIS 100.

You can convert HDMI connection to other types of cables like VGA, RCI etc.

In order to perform a conversion, there must be an Intermedia circuit that will convert signals between different formats.


DVI is a digital video interface for video display. This interface is common in desktops and has in modern monitors. DVI-HDMI converters can be used to connect a DVI source to the HDMI destination or vice versa. In this case, a simple adapter will be used for the connection, since both signals are digital.


VGA is a video display interface. It is common in desktops and servers and has older monitors. You can use only VGA-HDMI converters to connect a VGA source to HDMI or vice versa, because in this case, the analog signal is converted to digital, or vice versa.

Types of converters:

Only some of the currently frequently used converters will be described here. You can find other types directly on the site.

Converter from a mini display port to HDMI – has a short adapter with a 20 cm long cable with a mini display port on one side and a female HDMI on the other. This adapter is suitable for connecting a computer to a monitor or TV screen.

Converter from Type-C to HDMI– This converter allows connection of monitors and projectors with HDMI input to a computer with TYPE-C port. It supports FULL HD including audio transmission.

Mini Display Port Converter for VGA – This converter allows you to connect a laptop to an external monitor or TV.

Thunderbolt mini to HDMI converter – allows audio and video transfer, information transfer and computer charging. It is also suitable for use with APPLE products.

Thunderbolt mini to VGA converter for computer projector. For use with Apple devices.

Display port converter for DVI female – has a flexible adapter with a cable that allows connection between a computer with a display port and a screen with DVI input.

Display port converter for VGA female – has a flexible adapter with a cable that gives the option to connect a computer with a display port to a screen with a VGA input.

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