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Bluetooth Cards

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Bluetooth Cards

Bluetooth is mainly used for wireless communication in the space around you in many products such as: mobile phones, computers, vehicles, computer accessories such as a printer, keyboard and mouse in addition, to medical equipment, personal equipment such as a smartwatch, headset, headphones, smart home products, sports equipment and more.

Bluetooth allows users to create a temporary network at close distances as needed large of various devices and allows to transfer data such as photos, videos, music and more between the devices or connect one device to another device such as between the phone and the watch or between the phone and the headphones for convenience and digital innovation.

Bluetooth is convenient because it is temporary and does not require a server or third-party device to use it.

A Bluetooth card allows us to connect side devices such as a keyboard, speakers, mouse, etc. to our computer without the use of wires.

Desktops computers don’t have a built-in Bluetooth card and therefore use a card that can be purchased in addition.

In contrast in most new laptops the Bluetooth comes built-in inside the computer.

If your laptop doesn’t have a built-in Bluetooth then you can connect via a USB connection.

In the past there was Bluetooth 4 which included the classic protocols of Bluetooth and today it is possible to upgrade to Bluetooth 5 with the help of which you can transfer audio files from computer to speakers and vice versa and from computer to phone and vice versa and in addition you can use 2 types of headphones at the same time.

There are two devices for transferring audio from your computer to your TV:

Transmitter – this device encrypts information such as audio to a transferable format.

That means it allows the Transmitter to connect to a variety of devices such as speakers and headphones.

Receiver – allows you to receive audio from Bluetooth devices and transfer to devices without Bluetooth.

For example, if you have Bluetooth on your smartphone or laptop, but you do not have Bluetooth on TV, a good receiver gives you the ability to transfer audio wirelessly to your TV speakers.

Why do we need Bluetooth?

– Bluetooth allows for convenience which means it allows us to get rid of the cumbersome cables

Uncomfortable and unaesthetic and replace them with products without cables that are easy to use

And aesthetic to the eye.

– Bluetooth allows us to share any information we want instantly and easily with the help of a temporary connection

Between different devices without the need for advance preparation.

– Bluetooth allows us to synchronize information between different devices such as contacts and media in the vehicle.

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