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Sound Cards

Sound cards and audio interfaces One of the most important things for a recording studio and even if you are not dealing in a studio but just want good audio then the most important component will be a professional sound card.

You must be asking yourself what is a sound card anyway? So let’s make an order.

A sound card is responsible for processing the sound that comes in and out of the computer, converts the sound from an analog to digital format and vice versa.

The better the quality of your sound card, the better the quality of the conversion and processing and the clearer and less distorted the sound you will hear or record.

How to choose a sound card?

The form of connection of the card to the computer:

There are internal and external sound cards, internal sound cards are cheaper but their sound quality is no less good than the external cards but they are less comfortable to work in the studio.

An external sound card will suit you if you have a laptop or you need a sound card for live performances.

Number of entries and exits from the card:

The amount of inputs and outputs will determine how many tools you can record or connect to a computer at one time.

The minimum is 2 ports, more than that will give you flexibility in connecting effects etc.

Converters and conversion quality:

This component is the main and most important extension in sound cards.

Higher quality converters will provide a clear, high-quality sound that is closer to the original.

Audio interface

An audio interface or sound interface is a sound recorder to the computer and played outside the computer.

This is done in two ways: the sampling frequency label and the power description resolution.

The sound card produces a kind of points at regular intervals, gives them value for describing power and then connects them. In this interface the sound cards are controlled using digital clocks and companies that produce good quality audio interfaces invest a lot in these clocks.

The audio interface connects to the computer and each interface is built in the form of a different connection but most audio interfaces today connect via USB.

How do we choose the right interface for us?

Purpose – What is the purpose of the recording? Will I use a microphone? Will I need to connect a musical instrument?

If so, you will need your interface to have a sound card with an amplifier input for the microphone and a Hi-Z input for connecting musical instruments.

Mode of production – If you produce independently and record each channel separately then you will not need a card with a large amount of inputs.

But if you are recording in a professional studio and recording an entire band together then you will need a sound card with multiple inputs for microphones and instruments.

Equipment we have – Do you already have a microphone amplifier? Do you have equipment for Monitoring management? Do you have a digital mixer? And more.

Depending on the equipment you already have or do not have, we can help you understand exactly what you need to have in your voice interface.

Of course there are other parameters, but here we mentioned some of them, of course we invite you to come to Leader Computers and we will be happy to help and advise you in choosing the interface and card that will suit you.

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