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USB Devices

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USB Devices

As you already know, the USB Devices changed the technology, raised it level and made our technological life much easier and more convenient.

The advantage of USB products is that they are portable and easy to use and in most cases don’t require a physical connection to electricity.

We at Leader Computers have a variety of products and accessories using USB such as:

USB fan, flashlight USB, USB splitter. There are splitters with 3 ports and more, some of the splitters require an electrical connection and some without.

Universal docking stations for computers, card readers and more …

Desktop fan with USB connection:

A small desktop fan that can be connected to a computer via a USB connection, so basically if you are at home or in the office and the air conditioner doesn’t cool enough and you need more wind and more cooling

Then the desktop fan will solve the problem and help you cool down.

It is small and light, useful and practical and most importantly does the job.

USB flashlight:

A small flashlight that connects to USB and thus it is charged and turns on a light and can be used for a large number of situations such as: car, emergency lighting, bedside, camping, army, etc.

It has smart charge control and can work around 2-3 hours.

USB splitters:

Do you know situation that you work on a laptop and it has 2 USB ports only when in one you use a mouse regularly and then the other you connect it to the phone for example and suddenly you need to connect another product to the computer and you no longer have free USB ports?

So just for that there is a USB splitter that has a good amount of USB inputs and it connects to the computer, the splitters are available from 3 to 8 and sometimes even more USB inputs, so you will not be missing connections.

Universal docking stations:

A docking station is a box with a variety of connections to which all external devices are connected

Of the computer such as: screen, keyboard, mouse, printer, etc.

It allows easy, fast and convenient connection of the computer to all its peripherals.

USB card reader:

A USB card reader is a device that gives an option to read information that is in the cards as a SD or micro SD memory cards and it connects to the computer via USB.

As you can see, there are many products on the market with a USB connection for the reason that it is much more innovative, easy, fast and practical to use.

We want our products to be as compact as possible, as light as possible, as high quality as possible and to perform as many operations as possible in one device.

USB accessories provide exactly these desires as they are small, light, convenient and allow us to use the products without the need for a power connection and without the disappointment of not having enough connections.

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