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Portable External Memory

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Portable External Memory

Most of us today store large amounts of information on our computers and phones.

Usually this information is very important and we want to keep it and access it whenever we need it and we do not want anything to happen to it or it will disappear.

Unsupported information is prone to damage and deletion because the internal hard drive found on your computer is prone to malfunctions, viruses, etc. and therefore all of these can cause deletion of important material without justification and cause a lot of damage.

To prevent damage, deletion of materials, mental anguish, great stress and even financial damage, it is worthwhile and even desirable to back up all the material that is on your computer.

The backup can be done by two types of external mobile memories.

There are two types of portable external memory: an on-key disk and an external hard disk.

Disk-on-key – currently available from 16 GB to 512 GB

There are a variety of shapes as well as speeds like: USB2, USB3.

For new computers there is an on-key disk with a Type C connection and a Lightning for Apple devices.

External hard drive – The hard disk is used for both backup and storage of information and allows space on your computer as well as mobility of the information with you.

Currently there is an external hard drive measuring 3.5 inches and they have a volume of TB1 to 14 TB

There are also 2.5-inch hard drives with a capacity of 1 TB to 4 TB.

In addition, there is an external SSD hard disk with the highest speed and they are more expensive and at a speed of up to TB4.

These drives are almost completely shock-resistant and have a high working speed.

Hard disks come in two cases: standard or with water and fall protection.

An external hard disk is a very important product because it is responsible for storing all the data and therefore it is extremely important and must be of high quality.

For this reason it is not recommended to buy a cheap hard disk because if a hard disk is broken or broken it is very difficult to get the data out of it in full so you should pay attention to which hard disk you buy and not save on it but buy as high quality product as possible.

In addition we recommend that you have 2 hard disks to produce a backup of each other.

How much volume do I need?

An average GB500 drive can hold over 100,000 photos, songs, movies, etc.

If you are engaged in a profession where you have to store heavy materials such as musical or graphic projects, it is better that you purchase a large drive with a volume of a few terabytes and no less.


If you are dealing with a large amount of information and heavy materials like musical and graphic projects you will probably want your drive to be fast and good.

The performance and speed of the drive depend on the number of revolutions it performs per minute.

On 3.5-inch drives the speed will typically be RPM7,200, and on 2.5-inch drives the speed will typically be RPM5,400.

Of course there are higher speeds than these but they are more suitable for internal drives.

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