Hardware and Software

Hardware and software

When we talk about a computer, we mean hardware and software. This means that for running programs such as Windows or Office require the computer itself, i.e. hardware. It is also true that without software, the computer is just a pile of hardware.

Hardware – this concept includes all those parts that make up a computer. This is a case, motherboard, processor, processor cooler with a fan, monitor, video card, sound card, speakers, network card, built-in microphone and camera in a laptop, or external in a desktop computer, USB inputs, keyboard, mouse, charger, or power supply. You can also add a printer, scanner, and other external peripherals to this list.

Software – is those programs that allow us to work on a computer, as well as those through which a computer system integrates all computer components into one whole and helps to understand and recognize all the elements and their purpose within the computer system.

Therefore, the main software of the computer is the BIOS program, which is sewn into the computer’s motherboard and is the first to load it.

Next comes the operating system of the computer. A different operating system can be used on the same computer, sometimes even several can be used at once, but this doesn’t mean that each operating system is suitable for every computer. For example, the Windows operating system was originally made for a standard personal computer, and the MAC OS operating system was made for Apple computers.

If you need to print a document, then for this you need a text editor, such as Word, you want to view or edit a photos, you need a photo editing or viewing program, such as Photo Shop. To watch movies, you need a special program to edit video files, too. To listen to music, you need a special program, for editing you need a music editor, such as Cubase. In other words, for any work on the computer, you will need the appropriate software.

But that’s not all. For a certain job, you will need not only the appropriate software, but also certain hardware, i.e. a computer. For example, a computer that is suitable for editing text, watching movies, and listening to music differs in hardware from a computer that is required for editing graphics and video files. And a computer designed for powerful modern games will differ significantly in its configuration from other types of computers. At the same time, a powerful gaming computer is suitable for any job.

At Leader Computers, we have the knowledge to help you choose the hardware and software that suits you.

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