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FireWire Cards

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FireWire Cards

The FireWire connection is primarily used to connect digital video cameras,

External hard drives and other accessories with a compatible connection.

It can be used to transmit video and data at a speed of 400 or 800 megabits.

That is, it offers high speed data transfer.

In the past almost all computer companies had FireWire cards on their laptops and in to a desktops could be connected a PCI FireWire card.

Currently FireWire port is not understood in computers at all, it is possible to add a PCI Express card that connects the stationary computer to FireWire but it is not possible to do so in a laptop at all.

There is a device that connects FireWire to a computer via USB.

The FireWire comes in 4, 6 or 9 pin versions so pay attention to what you need

And choose correctly.

Standards and versions

Apple IEEE 1394, IEEE 1394a, IEEE 1395 standard.

The FireWire 400 port can transfer information between two devices at speeds of

100, 200 and 400 megabytes per second.

FireWire 800 port 9-pin version of Apple to IEEE 1394b standard

This standard supports the transfer of 786 megabits per second.

The full IEEE 1394b standard supports the transmission of cable length information

Over 100 meters and at a speed of 3.2 gigabits per second.

Advantages of FireWire

A standard TV card requires 4 different cables to be connected between the camcorder and the computer

It requires a large amount of cables, inputs, ports and connections.

In contrast, a FireWire cable is a single cable that has the required connections.

At Leader Computers you will find second hand and refurbished computers that still have a FireWire connection.

In addition, we have special cards that can be connected to a home computer or laptop.

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