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Network Cards

Network cards

A network card is basically a device on a computer that allows it to connect to a computer network.

The network card connects and gives access between the computer and the network and a MAC address is transmitted in it

This address is used by the computer in communication that passes through the network card.

The card must be adapted to the protocol of the network on which it operates.

These cards usually have small LED bulbs that show users if there is a connection and if there is communication.

These cards almost always connect to the motherboard via PCI or are on the motherboard itself.

Once upon a time network cards also had a BNC connection but today there is none.

Network cards allow communication at different speeds, depending on the infrastructure to which the card is connected

The speeds are: 10Mbps, 100Mbps, 1000Mbps

The network card today is mainly used to connect to the Internet via a network cable connected to a modem router. Most modern computers have a built-in Wi-Fi wireless network card that allows you to connect to a modem router without a cable.

If your computer doesn’t have a wireless card, or you want to improve it, then it is possible to purchase a separate external or internal wireless card, faster and with additional antennas. An external wireless card is connected to a computer via a USB port.

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