Terms of Use

1. General Information
1.1 Web Site of the computer company “Leader Computers”, hereinafter the “Site” is the Internet site serving virtual store, designed for Internet users worldwide.
Website is owned by Leader Computers Ltd. “Leader Computers.”
All what is included in the charter of the site refers to both sexes equally. Using male made herein only for the convenience of presentation.
1.2 Please carefully read the policies of this site before watching and / or prior to purchase products through this site, because by browsing this website and / or making a purchase of any product on the site means acceptance of all the rules of this statute. You must agree to these rules to continue working with the site, if you do not agree with the rules of this statute, you should leave the site and do not use it at all.
1.3 Use of the Site and its contents are intended for use without any obligation or liability of any type. All materials posted on the website and the services provided by the site will be used by you at your own risk and full responsibility of your. Leader Computers does not guarantee that the content of the website will be constantly updated. No information found on the site can be considered as a recommendation from Leader Computers in any case.

2. Conditions of transactions associated with the site
Payment for goods and services provided on the site, may be done by:
2.1 Any person who has reached the age of eighteen (18) years of age or older and wielding Israeli identity card or other countries.
2.2 The legal owner of a valid credit card of one of the credit card companies in Israel and / or abroad. As well as authorized by law and / or contract with the credit card issuer, allowing the credit card transactions.
2.3 Owning e-mail address on the Internet.

3. Privacy Information and means of payments
3.1 When you register online you must enter the following information: full name, email address, phone number, address, zip code, and confirm whether or not you agree to receive newsletter on your email address.
3.2 When making a payment transaction, you represent that payment method (credit card, Pay Pal account in), through which the transaction is done belongs to you, or you are the representative of the company on behalf of which the deal is made that the card is valid and that you have the right under the law and / or under contract with the credit card issuer for payment of the relevant transaction using a credit card. Also, when the transaction you agree that the information you have entered in the register is complete, accurate and correct. Transaction between the private customer or company that is contracting and this site will mean the deal with the Leader Computers.
3.3 You must provide all required data as otherwise deal online may not be concluded. All the data you entered in the registration interface, including credit card information will not be collected and stored.
3.4 By using this site you agree to the privacy policy of the site.
3.5 All rent agreements, sale, services, and other activities can also be paid via telephone and Pai Pal (PAY PAL) on terms consistent with adopted laws in Israel.

4. Returns
4.1 Payment for goods occurs only when the product will be commercially available and, depending on the supply of products to the customer. If the product is not in stock, no fee is charged. Leader Computers does not guarantee the availability of all products in stock.
Customer shall always check that the goods are in stock before purchasing and payment.
4.2 All prices include VAT in accordance with the laws of Israel. With respect to each specific product you have purchased from abroad may charge additional taxes and / or fees and / or other payments to the state. All they will only apply to you and will be added to the product price and in accordance with the provisions of state law with respect to the purchased product.
4.3 Terms and Conditions of Delivery:
4.3.1 The goods will be sent by registered mail through the Israel mail “Israel Post”
The product will be delivered within 14 working days, depending on the schedule of “Doar Israel” and the corresponding order of its work.
4.3.2 Pickup by the customer – can only be done in one of the branches of the company Leader Computers.
Pickup can take place no earlier than 24 hours from the receipt to your e-mail confirmation of payment after confirmation of product availability in the branch (not including Friday, the eve of the Sabbath, Saturday and public holidays taken in Israel).
Leader Computers Shopping Hours: Sunday – Thursday from 9:00 to 19:00 and on Fridays from 9:00 to 13:00.
4.3.3 Courier delivery to customer home – pay 35 NIS for Jerusalem and its surroundings. Product delivery will be made within 1 – 14 days from the date of collection of payment (not including Friday, Saturday, eve of the Sabbath, and public holidays taken in Israel).
4.3.4 International Shipping (airmail) – customer-client should make sure that the item is in stock and pay attention to the cost of delivery of the goods to the selected point. Delivery will be made within 30 working days from the date of receiving of payment for goods and shipment (not including Friday, the eve of the Sabbath, Saturday and public adopted in Israel and abroad holidays).
Overseas delivery of goods may be extended for reasons related to postal services in the destination country and holidays.
4.4 If the goods have been lost by the postal service (that is, delivery has not yet reached its destination within 30 working days (not including Friday, the eve of the Sabbath, Saturday and public adopted in Israel and abroad holidays) from the date of placing the order), Leader Computers take care of the additional shipment by registered mail as soon as possible (depending on the availability of goods in stock.)

5. Responsibility for products sold on the site (products)
5.1 Warranty for products advertised and sold on the site apply to manufacturers and / or importers and / or authorized distributors (dealers). In case of problems with providing guarantee on the goods and / or services, if any, Leader Computers considers the complaint and takes appropriate action against the person responsible and take the maximum opportunity to provide guarantees and resolve problems associated with our customers.
5.2 Warranty for products purchased the site of Leader Computers not defined in the database as products with a guarantee at client’s home, will be carried out directly in one of the branches Leader Computers only and Leader Computers is not responsible for the loss of time and / or any other damages of the client occurred while receiving warranty service for a product purchased on site.

6. Order Cancellation
You can cancel your order within 14 days of receipt of product, or from the receipt of information about the transaction purchased product.
6.1 Cancellation due to a manufacturing defect or discrepancy in the order (Article 14 (a) of the Consumer Protection) – will be made after notice in writing, e-mail [email protected]
In this case, the Leader Computers return to you within 14 days from the day of receiving your message all the money without any deduction for the cancellation of the transaction, subject to the return of the product and other property received with the product back to the warehouse of Leader Computers.
6.2 No cancellation due to a defect of discrepancy in the order (Article 14 (b) of the Consumer Protection Law ) – will be made by notice in writing, e-mail [email protected]
In this case, Leader Computers refund within 14 days of receipt of notice of cancellation of the transaction, the purchase price paid by you, at no additional charge, except a penalty for cancellation, but no more than 5% of the value of the product, or 100 shekels, the lowest of them. In addition, in the case of delivery of goods, Leader Computers also keep the cost of the shipment.
You must return the product in one of the shops Leader Computers, as he was in new condition, in the original packaging in which it was sent to you.
In any case, Leader Computers should not suffer and will not incur damage for any cancellation transaction as a result of its cancellation is not the fault of the Leader Computers.

Please pay attention!
You can only return those goods whose price 50 NIS or higher. If the product falls under the category of electrical and / or electronics may not be returned at all, if you used or connected to an electrical outlet.
Cables, adapters and converters cannot be returned even if they were not used and / or have been purchased by mistake.

7. Additional Terms
7.1 The prices for products on the site, delivery terms, delivery prices, the number of payments and any other data on the site may change from time to time at its sole discretion Leader Computers
7.2 The Company shall not be directly or indirectly, any warranty or product liability and / or quality and / or delivery methods. In the case of complaints, the Leader Computers be taken maximum measures against the responsible individuals and organizations to solve problems and create will make every effort to help the company’s clients.
7.3 This Website is designed to work in the Internet (and other communications networks in accordance with technological developments) and the quality of his work, depending on various factors such as the work of infrastructure providers, trucking companies, system servers, storage systems and so on, which can, sometimes perform poorly, do not perform any function, stop working and be damaged due to various factors. Leader Computers makes no warranty with respect to the integrity of the site and / or continuous operation, and / or any failure associated with the use of the site and / or limit access to computers of Leader Computers, damage or malfunctions, failures in hardware, software or communication lines with Leader Computers, or any of its suppliers, or damages for any reason. Leader Computers not responsible for any direct or indirect damage, loss, etc. caused to you or your property resulting from use of the site.
7.4 Hereby, you release the company Leader Computers from any liability, directly or indirectly related to the execution of the transaction and / or viewing the site partially and / or fully for any reason, as well as responsibility for any technical and / or other reasons that led to the deterioration of Use site.
7.5 Communication networks and websites are exposed to hacker attacks and intrusion attempts to personal data. Leader Computers takes a number of security measures to protect the confidentiality of the information you have entered on the site, however, please note that you cannot be completely protected against this and other violations of safety regulations concerning personal information. Leader Computers does not warranty that the services and information on computers and servers Leader Computers (or third-party servers, preserving them) is protected from unauthorized access – to information stored in them. By browsing the site, entering information and carrying out the transaction, you relieve Leader Computers from any responsibility for any damage caused to you and / or associated with you to third parties in connection with the attacks, hacking and intrusion attempts to obtain personal information and waive all claims against Leader Computers and / or his representatives.
7.6 Leader Computers does not guarantee and is not responsible for the closure of the site and / or termination of operations on a temporary or permanent basis and reserves the right to close the site and / or terminate its activities at any time and at its discretion.
7.7 Without limiting the fore mentioned, if the factors and / or events which are not under the control of the Leader Computers, including poor communication, computing problems or force majeure conditions related to delay and / or prevention of the transaction in whole or in part, in any case and / or delay in delivery of the product due to changes in tax duties and / or customs fees and / or other fees and / or charges imposed on the products after the date of purchase of the product and thus, cannot provide the scheduled date of delivery in accordance with purchase conditions, Leader Computers may declare the abolition of purchase, in whole or in part, and in such cases will not charge your credit card for the amount of any transaction, and if that happens, you will be refunded all your money in accordance with the law on compensation method resulting in such cases.
7.8 In the case of the presence of printing errors, spelling errors, errors in the description of the product and / or price, payment terms, product images or any other information that may Leader Computers, but not the obligation, to cancel the order.

8. Intellectual Property
8.1 All copyright and intellectual property on the site and all its parts, including the content and design of the Site and any software application computer code, graphic file, text and other materials contained therein, the external interface, the source or object code – is owned only Leader Computers and / or its suppliers and / or business partners. You may not copy, distribute, publicly display or disclose to third parties the foregoing without the prior written consent of the Leader Computers. This site is intended for personal use and is not intended for commercial use without prior written permission from the Leader Computers.
Term – “Site Content” means – any information on the website, including articles, surveys, data, information, analysis, content and reviews, all text, images and / or sounds are available to users on the site and in any place on site, or will exist in the future, it all belongs Leader Computers or belongs to a third party associated with Leader Computers allowing Leader Computers to use it (the Content).
8.2 Trademarks of the site are the property of Leader Computers only, or, in the case of use for advertising purposes, business partners or suppliers, relating to one degree or another with the Leader Computers. You may not use these trademarks without the prior written consent of the Leader Computers.

9. Links and Ads
9.1 Leader Computers does not guarantee that all links found on the site will work and will lead to the active sites. The very existence of links to a web site does not mean that the content of the associated site is reliable, incomplete or outdated, and Leader Computers assumes no liability in connection with any such content. Moreover, the Leader Computers is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages caused by you or your property resulting from the use of or reliance on the information contained on sites where you have been translated by reference to the present site of Leader Computers.
9.2 Responsibility for the content of ads placed on the site and causing damages of any third parties rests with the advertisers. The Company is not responsible for the content od ads posted on this site. Please note that the placement of commercial information advertisers (third party) is not a recommendation for the purchase of services or products offered for sale on the site by third parties.

10. Termination of work and compensation
10.1 The Company may, at its discretion, to terminate the activities of each user of the website, if it finds that he did not fulfill any term of this policy or statute violated any law corresponding to the highest rate of public communication, or under the legal system of Israel. Termination of user activity is possible, also by blocking his IP address.
10.2 In the event of a breach by the user site conditions of this policy and / or any law corresponding to the highest rate of public communication, or under Israel’s legal system, Leader Computers, in its sole discretion, has the right to disclose the name and information received from the user, even in the absence of judicial orders, thus you as a site user, waive any claims against the company Leader Computers, its shareholders, managers and employees.
10.3 You should and must reimburse Leader Computers, its employees, directors and officers, or their representatives, compensation for any damage, loss, loss of profits, payment or expenses incurred, including attorney’s fees, if any break condition this statute on the use of the Site and / or violate any law corresponding to the highest rate of public communication, or provided legal system of Israel and / or the right of any third party.
All disputes, claims and actions related to the execution of transactions on the site, browsing through the website, the content of the site and all the emerging and / or site-related litigation referred to the courts of Israel alone and in accordance with Israeli law, without application of the principles of law conflict or its form and jurisdiction of any court in foreign countries (including any court or tribunal in other countries), as well as the applicability of any foreign law in respect of Leader Computers, its shareholders, managers and employees associated with any use of this website is strictly prohibited.
If the decision of any court (including a court or tribunal of a judicial institution and the state) certified and defining themselves as “court”, it is agreed that the provisions of the statute and its regulations is illegal and / or invalid, it does not eliminate any one provision of the statute, even if the entire statute and / or at least one of its provisions have been canceled and / or underestimated by the court.
The Company has the right to change the policy from time to time and its policy of confidentiality without having to notify the change where either.

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