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computer mouse

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computer mouse

The computer mouse is one of the important and inseparable accessories that a computer has.

Especially those who use a stationary computer will need a computer mouse and it should preferably be a mouse that is comfortable to work with. Those who work on a laptop will often be satisfied with the built-in mouse of the laptop that is used with the touch of the fingers, but of course in a laptop the use of an external computer mouse is much more convenient, fast and good than using the computer’s built-in mouse.

In the past there were not many types of computer mice but today of a large amount of types, shapes and sizes there are wired and wireless mice and each mouse can be tailored to your needs and the size and structure of your palm so that working with it will be especially comfortable for you.

With the mouse we operate the computer and can perform any action and get to any software and anything we want to do.

With the help of a computer mouse you do not have to put in too much effort and you can achieve what you want with very light hand movements.

Because of the great importance of the mouse it is desirable and even worthwhile to choose a mouse that will be comfortable and good to use and that will be effective over time.

The types of mice differ in the type of their locomotor mechanism.

The most common mechanisms today are an optical motion sensor or a laser and another less common one is a control ball.

Optical and laser – the difference between them is the accuracy and speed of their response.

The level of accuracy can be measured using resolution and the speed using the image processing rate.

So which mouse is better for you? If you are a regular user and do standard work on your computer then an optical mouse will be good enough for you, however if you are a gamer or graphic artist who needs a high level of accuracy it is better for you to equip yourself with a laser mouse.

Control ball – a mouse with a ball at the top and in addition it has an optical sensor that monitors the ball’s movements. This mouse is designed to be placed on the table and the user rolls the ball with his fingers. These mice are very accurate but require a lot of control and training so those who are not used to them may be disappointed with them.

Wired or wireless mouse?

Since the mouse is a portable device that we move a lot, it is also recommended to use a wireless mouse because its mobility is higher and it is not cumbersome with wires.

A wired mouse is equipped with a long wire that twists and can form a knot in the wire and of course it can get tangled in itself or other things around and makes working with it at least pleasant many times.

The capabilities of the wireless mouse are higher than the capabilities of the wired mice.

If you choose to purchase a wireless mouse, it is advisable to check the transmission range, battery life and battery type.

The minimum transmission range will be a meter and a half but if you use a mouse for a remote screen like a TV you should check that the range is large enough.

Recommended battery life will be half a year and standard battery type AA.

As we have already said, there is a huge selection of types of mice and we at Leader Computers will be happy to be at your service and help you choose the best mouse for you.

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