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Apple accessories

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Apple accessories

Apple is one of the largest and most developed companies in the technology industry and besides computers and phones they have to offer many other products.

Among their products you will find iPods, iPads, watches, headphones, speakers, TVs, etc.

All of these have many accessories designed to help all of these devices.

Types of accessories

Cases and covers – Apple has a variety of branded covers from different materials, there are plastic covers, silicone covers, hard covers, envelope covers, stand covers, leather covers and all are characterized by a smooth design in a variety of colors and logos on the back of the cover.

There are also computer cases and tablets made of a sponge with a zipper.

Adapters – Apple adapters has a Lightning or Type-c connections and original adapters with a Thunderbolt.

Apple is known to have different and non-standard adapters and they are characterized by a small and thin USB input but the new devices come with a different input than the devices in previous generations and therefore must be equipped accordingly
Pen – Apple pencil A pen for writing and drawing intended for use on the iPad PRO

Headphone adapter – Standard headphones can’t connect to Apple devices because their input is different from other devices and therefore a headphone adapter with a two-way connection must be used

When one side connects to the headset and the other side connects to the device allowing listening in all kinds of headphones

Original cable – exactly like Apple’s adapter the cable is also different from other companies and is characterized by a narrow and thin entrance, so a cable that is adapted for Apple devices should be used.

Screen protectors – Apple has screen protectors that are adapted to the screens of Apple devices and are made of glossy or matte glass and are available in different thicknesses

Docking station – Docking station for Apple products with subwoofers suitable for iphone, ipod and ipad.

Card Reader – A card reader adapted for Apple with an SD card in various sizes.

Apple remote control – remote control adapted for Apple TV, 4th generation remote control.

Wireless Keyboard – A wireless numeric keypad for MACs

Laptop Stand – A laptop stand suitable for Apple laptops for 12-17 inch screens

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