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Monitors, TVs

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Monitors, TVs

Computer screens and TVs

Computer screens

All the screens for both computer and TV have evolved a lot in recent years.

If in the past there were large or small screens like boxes of low quality, unaesthetic and uncomfortable

Nowadays there are screens of different sizes and much thinner and lighter screens and even smart TVs.

Some things to understand before buying a computer screen:

Computer screens come in different sizes, common screens are 24 inches. It is not profitable today to buy a small screen since a large screen is of better quality, especially if you use it to watch movies, games, etc.

Of course pay attention to the size of your workspace and purchase a screen that fits your workspace and budget.

In addition, image quality is just as important. Most monitors today have a high enough resolution which makes them almost always high quality but if you work and are in front of the computer for long hours it is advisable to choose a monitor with as high a resolution as possible to minimize eye damage. Image quality is measured by screen panel, resolution, brightness and contrast.

The basic resolution today would be Full HD 1920×1080 and of course there are also higher resolutions on larger screens.

There are screens with 3D technology that allow viewing content in 3D using appropriate glasses.

In addition, there are concave screens that give the viewer a feeling that he is enveloped in the experience.

Internal tuner – Some monitors support the display of TV broadcasts.

PIVOT – monitors that can be turned and adjusted to longitudinal, meaning that they can be rotated.


In recent years, televisions have evolved a lot and there are televisions of different sizes and with innovative and impressive technologies and of course very high quality.

Types of TVs:

Plasma – a flat screen, the first of its kind on the market that gives image sharpness but is influenced by environmental lighting

LCD – a new generation of TVs, these screens deal excellently with different lighting and give a sharp and high quality image.

LEDTV in which they replaced the fluorescent lighting that is in the LCD and affects the image quality with tiny LEDs. In this type of TV, the picture is sharp and has excellent contrast.

They are not reflected and show HD broadcasts, all of which makes them the best-selling in the world.

Smart TV – has an internal multimedia player, browser, apps, free TV Eidan+, etc.

What TV screen size will suit you?

Apart from the type of TV, the quality of the TV, the brightness and all the data we talked about, attention should be paid to its size depending on the viewing distance available in your home.

A viewing distance of:

 0.5-2 meters – 22-27 inches, will be especially good for little rooms

2-3 meters – 32-43 inches, mainly for the bedroom and living room

3-5 meters – 55-75 inches, suitable for a very large living room.

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