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Portable Speakers

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Portable Speakers

What is a portable speaker? In the past there were only speakers in all sorts of sizes, shapes and qualities

The speakers we are all familiar with that connect via wire to our computer.

To listen to music outside the house there were musicians of all kinds.

With the development of technology, began to produce portable speakers, that is, speakers that don’t need to be connected to a power source or even to the player itself. They now have a built-in, compact and rechargeable battery and receive audio from the player via Bluetooth. All this makes the speaker mobile and gives us the ability to take it with us wherever we go and listen to music from any source, anywhere.

Portable speakers have also evolved a lot in recent years and today you can find speakers manufactured by many companies and they come in different sizes, different audio qualities, colors, textures and different illustrations, some heavy and some small and of course with different audio volume.

There are speakers in a large price range today, which means that you can find a cheap portable speaker that will probably not be of high quality either, or that you can spend a decent amount on a quality speaker that will be kept for a long time and will give you maximum pleasure.

So who is a portable speaker for?

A portable speaker is definitely not a must but if you belong to the type of people who are not satisfied with headphones and if you are the type of people who like to play music wherever they go then purchasing a portable speaker can help you a lot.

Speaker selection process:

Material – The portable speakers are made of a variety of materials, from cheap plastic to a wood that produces a much better sound.

Mobility – Most speakers connect to Bluetooth but since Bluetooth can sometimes cause problems, it is always advisable that your speaker is also equipped with a cable connection.

Durability – If quality is important to you, it is advisable to choose a speaker that is made of strong, high-quality materials that will take care of protecting the speaker from falls, scratches, sand, etc.

Note that if you choose a speaker from materials that are not strong and durable enough then any small fall can ruin it.

Resonance box – The resonant box controls the bass sound on the speaker, so the larger it is, the deeper and higher quality the bass sound on your speaker will be.

High signal – For those who care about a clean and high-quality sound, it is recommended to choose a high signal in relation to noise

RMS – is the watt power relative to the size of the space in which the speaker plays audio. In large spaces it is advisable to take a power of up to 30 watts while in a small space you can choose a power of up to 15 watts.

Frequency range – Choosing a speaker that provides a frequency range of 220 kHz to 20 Hz, will give you an excellent and high-quality audio experience.

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