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Covers and protectors

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Covers and protectors

Covers and protectors, just as theirs implies, allow us to maintain and protect our phone device. We have already talked a lot about the fact that telephones today are expensive and necessary for all human beings so we will want to protect them from scratches, falls, blows and any damage whatsoever.

To ensure the best possible protection for your phone, we strongly recommend that you do not walk around with your device exposed. The intention is that it is desirable and even worthwhile to have a thick and strong screen protector that will protect your phone screen from shattering and scratches and in addition it is very worthwhile to put a cover of any kind on the device, of course it is recommended as high quality and strong coverage.

Many companies now produce cases, covers and shields in a variety of types, shapes, colors, materials and qualities and you can always find the cover that suits your needs and personal taste and of course the price range is very wide so you can find a shield that fits the budget you are willing to invest.

Of course more expensive covers are of better quality as they are made of quality and thick materials and are very strong and durable and will ensure full protection of your phone.

Let’s talk about types of shields:

Back cover – a protector that is worn on the back of the device and is usually made of plastic, metal, silicone and leather.

Some of these covers will be without a top or bottom or without both and in addition will be thin.

Such covers are not particularly good and will not protect from situations of falls but only from small scratches.

On the other hand, this type of cover, which is thick and has high sides, will be stronger and will ensure protection against falls, but will not always protect the device if it falls on the screen.

Flip cover – a cover that is like a case that is worn on the back of the device and there is a part that can also be wrapped around the screen and closed with a small strap with a magnet.

Some of these covers come with a specific hole in the part of the screen that allows access to the screen and some are completely sealed.

This type of cover also protects the screen and not just the back of the device.

Wallet cover – as its name implies, a cover that simulates a wallet and has a place to insert cards and banknotes.

A cover that can be convenient for those who do not want to carry around a wallet but is not so effective at protecting the phone.

Hard cover – an excellent protector for people who really want full and quality protection for their device or for people who tend to drop it a lot. This type of cover will ensure quality and good protection for your device because it is made of a hard and thick material and thus ensures protection against extreme situations of strong falls, etc.

Protective cover from water – there is also a cover that seals the phone in a really strong way from all directions and thus it is suitable for use with water up to a certain depth of between 2-5 meters and in the vicinity of water.

If you have chosen this cover, you will not have to worry about the device being near or inside water and you can even take pictures underwater.

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