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Microphones – We believe that you all know what a microphone is and know it in its various forms.

For example, a microphone, that connects to a computer or computer headset and thus allows you to talk to people through computer software such as Skype, Zoom, etc.

A microphone that is present in every phone and allows us to record messages and make phone calls.

And of course a stage microphone and a studio microphone are the big microphones and they are used for broadcast and singing and can be used for home, studio and live performances.

The microphone is a device designed to convert sound into electric waves.

In this category we will talk about microphones for computers.

There are microphones with a USB connection and those with a 3.5mm connection

Most computers have a built-in connection to this type of microphone and it will usually be pink or red with a small microphone marking / drawing.

Older computers also have such a connection but in new desktops and laptops computers there is a combined port where there is a connection to the microphone and headphones together.

A microphone can only be connected to such a connection using a special adapter.

A microphone  with a USB connection is much easier to connect to a computer.

There are several types of such microphones:

Small microphones that connect to USB and are small and protrude from the side of the computer measuring 2-3 cm.

In addition, there is a stand-alone microphone which is a stand-alone microphone that can be held and moved.

A dash microphone with a clip that attaches to a shirt where you can use all types of computers and a telephone.

A Madonna microphone that looks like a headphone and wears on the head.

These microphones connect to laptops, old desktops and new desktops that have no special connection.

Transmitter wireless microphones that are not connected by cable to any amplifier or speaker and it transmits to a microphone and can be connected to a computer.

There are also more professional microphones like conference microphones and gamers for gamers that are very delicate and have a higher sensitivity and are equipped with LEDs.

Some of the more innovative microphones come with a pop filter that is a sponge that wears on the microphone.

The price of the microphone is determined according to the quality of the microphone, the better and better the microphone, the higher its price will be accordingly.

How to choose the right microphone for your computer?

Understand what the purpose is for which you are buying a microphone and what you want to achieve with it and of course what budget you are willing to spend on a microphone.

You can find basic microphones that cost several tens of shekels.

There are some other types and differences between microphones, such as dynamic and condenser microphones. One is more suitable for singing and is more used on stage, outdoors, in bars and just at a party. The other, condenser, is used more in recording studios for both vocals and musical instruments, and bloggers also like to use it for their podcasts.

We recommend that you consult with a professional and explain to him what exactly you are looking for.

At Leader Computers, we are always at your service.

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