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Cellular lab

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Cellular lab

Cellular Lab- Leader Computers has technicians with over 20 years of knowledge and experience in the field.

We fix almost any problem that exists and work with most of the well-known companies in the market like Apple, Samsung, LG, Nokia etc.

We also repair Asus, Samsung, Lenovo tablets etc.

Common tablet issues:

Screen replacement, charging socket replacement, headphone socket replacement, motherboard repair, battery replacement, material restoration and more.

We also offer service to the customer’s home or we will come to pick up the computer from your home and bring it to us for repair and we will return after the repair.

Why do you need a cell phone lab?

Just like we talked about computers before, all of these things apply to phones as well.

Phones are a very common device that exists in almost every person you see and we are very dependent on our phones and feel that all our lives revolve around the phone.

Connect with people through calls, messages and emails.

We work, learn and enjoy through and with the help of the phone and keep most of our information and memories on it.

For all these reasons we want to keep the phone and check it in case we feel there is a problem or we have had it for a long time.

The phone like any device may break down or develop malfunctions and you will probably not be able to fix these problems on your own, neglecting small issues can create bigger problems.

If the smartphone or tablet is important to you and you want to keep it, we recommend that you bring the problems of your device to our cellular laboratory that will guarantee you fast and quality service, at affordable prices and with a good personal attitude.

If you need a specialist who will solve your problems with your phone or tablet and you want good, quality, pleasant, very fast service and good prices, then you have a great place to solve your problems and return your device to full function. This place is Leader Computers!

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