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Power Supplies, Chargers

Power supplies and chargers for desktop and laptop computers

Operating a desktop computer and laptop requires an electrical power supply or charger capable of converting a voltage of 220 volts or 110 volts to the voltage required for each computer.

Power supply for desktop computer

Desktops power supplies exist not only in different capacities, but also in different physical sizes and in the amount of cables that connect to the motherboard and internal drives.

Physical dimensions

We will not dwell on the specific dimensions of each type of power supply, we will only say that power supplies exist in various sizes, depending on the size of the computer case. A typical computer case houses a standard-sized power supply. The difference may be in the presence of an internal fan of 8 or 12 cm and an output power, for example 550W, 650W or 700W, etc. The power supply is connected to the top or bottom of the chassis with four screws.

Small office cases, mini and micro towers use smaller power supplies. Usually these are branded power supplies, which are almost impossible to purchase separately from the case. There are mini stationary computers, the power supplies of which are located not inside the case, but outside, like in laptops. Such power supplies are of low power up to 90 watts for mini computers and high powers, about 250 watts for All-In-One computers.

Connecting cables

Two electrical cables of the power supply are attached to the motherboard, an additional cable can be attached to the video card, providing it with the required voltage. The rest of the power supply electrical cables have different types of connectors, SATA and / or Molex, for connecting to additional internal drives of the computer.

Power supply power

The fundamental difference in the power supply capacity refers only to the power of the gaming video card installed in the computer. In a standard computer, there is no need to use a powerful power supply, as it doesn’t offer any advantages over a standard 500 watt power supply. If your computer has an additional graphics card, then with a regular power supply, the computer may not work. Therefore, before buying a power supply unit or video card, it is necessary to check the correspondence of the required capacities between them.

Power supply / charger for laptops

Notebook power supplies are external charging power supplies. They are called chargers because, in addition to supplying voltage to the laptop, they are able to charge their internal batteries.

Power supplies differ among themselves in terms of power, connector type, type of connection to the electrical network and physical dimensions.

Physical dimensions of laptop charger

Chargers for laptops come in a square or rectangular shape. The size of the charger depends on its capacity, the more powerful the charger, the larger its size.

Types of laptop charger connectors

Depending on the specific model of a particular laptop brand, there are different types of connectors. They come in cylindrical shapes and sizes, rectangular and square, modern Type-C, etc. Many of the chargers are interchangeable with several different brands. Universal chargers are sold with a selection of different connectors for different types of laptops.

Types of connection to the electrical network

All charging power supplies must be connected to the mains. Chargers for laptops are universal, so they can be connected to both a 220 Volt network and a 110 Volt network without using additional converters. Chargers are connected to an electrical outlet either using a two-wire or three-wire cable, or using a plastic adapter built-in or installed directly into the charger body.

Charger power types

The determinant of the power of the charger is the indicator measured in Watts. This indicator is the product of the output voltage of the charger and the amperage. For example, if the output voltage of the charger is 20 Volts, and the current is 2.25 Amperes, then the power of such a charger will be 45 watts.

Can I use a charger with a higher capacity than indicated on the laptop with my laptop?

Yes, you can. The laptop will draw exactly the power it needs to run smoothly, including charging the battery. An exception is laptops where the maximum power rating for this model is indicated. Standard laptops use chargers ranging from 29 to 90 watts. Gaming notebooks with a powerful graphics card can use chargers from 120 to 180 watts or more.

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