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Adapters are used to connect a peripheral device with one connector to another connector.

They are often used to connect modern devices to transition from the old generation to the new system.

Many people often confuse a converter with an adapter.

The difference between them is that the converter converts one device into a completely different technology device, for example, a digital device into an analog one, or vice versa. Therefore, the converter is always more expensive at a price that can vary from 30 to 300 NIS and more.

On the other hand, an adapter is a primitive device that provides a connection between similar devices or between a specific device and a converter, the adapter is inexpensive compared to a converter and can cost from 3 to 100 NIS approximately.

There are different types of adapters in different fields, some of which are in the shape of a plug or connector and can be used to create a simple connection from one adapter to another, and in addition, there are more complex adapters that require the use of tools such as a screwdriver to connect. Adapters must be matched with the type of signal they transmit.

Adapter types:

Electrical adapter. For example, if a person comes from the United States with an electrical product whose cable does not fit into an Israeli outlet, they will need an Israeli adapter that will connect to their cable and thus fit into an Israeli plug.

Audio adapter. For example, you have regular headphones and you want to connect them to a stereo system, then you need an adapter that will allow you to connect this or that jack.

USB adapter for laptop. For example, you have a laptop with only one USB port and you want to connect two accessories, for that you need an adapter that will split into multiple USB ports, allowing you to connect multiple devices at the same time.

Video adapter. Let’s say you have two HDMI video interconnect cables and you want to connect them together, for this purpose there is an adapter that will allow you to connect your two cables together.

Network cable adapter. RJ45 connection adapter, which is a push-on adapter for connecting to a network cable and then connecting to a router or computer.

A phone adapter, such as a Type-C to USB adapter, that allows you to sync and charge at the same time and is suitable for all smartphones and tablets.

This is just a small list of existing adapters. For a more complete overview, you can use the catalog of our website Leader Computers, in which you can find the adapter you are interested in.

The adapter may look like an adapter, cable, or jumper.

For adapters, the term always applies, male – male, female – female, male – female, or female – male.

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