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In this section, you will find a huge selection of different cables for different uses, as well as all kinds of adapters and converters.

The main types of cables that are presented in the Leader Computers store are:

Network cables of the CAT6 and CAT7 types, of various lengths, from 50cm to 100m. These cables are used to connect computers to a router, to connect computers to a network via a network switch, and to connect a TV or streamer to the Internet.

HDMI, VGA, DVI and Display Port video cables, in length from 0.5m to 20 meters. These cable are used to connect mainly desktop computers to a computer screen. They are also used to connect laptops to a computer screen or a TV screen.

Various USB cable are cable for connecting printers to a computer, cables for connecting external drives to a computer, extension cables for connecting webcams and microphones over long distances.

Audio cables of the AUX type, for connecting a mobile phone, tablet or mp3 to a speaker, or for connecting speakers to a computer. And also RCA cables for connecting stereos, speakers and amplifiers.

Electric cable. These are all kinds of extension cords of different lengths, as well as 3 to 10-port note splitters for convenient connection of electrical devices.

In addition, in our store Leader Computers there are various computer cable for internal connection of hard drives and CD devices.

You will also find high quality cables and converters for Apple computers with Mini Display Port and Type-C outputs, with which you can connect your Macbook to an external monitor, or connect additional peripherals.

Those looking for FireWire cables for connecting video cameras will be able to find them in various configurations for 4, 6 and 8 connectors.

We work with the most famous brands in the cable world such as Unitek, Value Line, Konig, Protek, Plagnix, Delock and others.

At Leader Computers we also have a huge selection of professional audio cables from brands such as Roxtone and Klotz. You can find these cables in the professional music equipment section.

If you didn’t find any cable, just call us and we will try to help you.

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