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Network devices

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Network devices

In this category we will talk about all the equipment that accompanies communication networks.

What are communication networks?

It is a system for transferring data between computers or other electronic devices, by wired or wireless means, the best known network is the Internet.

Types of equipment for communication Network devices:

Range Extender – Range extender are measures designed to increase the range of the existing wireless network, it is a device that provides wireless Internet in areas of low reception or no reception signal from the router. Range magnifiers take the wireless signal that the router transmits and extend it to the rest of the home / office.

There are two types of range amplifiers – a wired range amplifier that is connected by a network cable to the router and receives communication from it through the cables or a wireless range amplifier that wirelessly receives the communication from the main router and amplifies the signal in the area where it is located.

Access point – A more preferred method than the previous one because it creates a more powerful wireless access point and it connects directly via a network cable and not wirelessly, which gives a more stable connection than a wireless connection.

Router – The router is the communication center between the computers that enables the transmission of data in communication networks. The role of the router is to direct the movement of all parts of the information on the network.

It also enables the transfer of data between networks in general and between an Internet network and a home network.

Once he receives a packet of data, he checks what the destination address of the packet is, and decides what to do with the packet using the routing protocols.

There are a variety of types of routers, each suitable for its own use: home routers, network bridging and industrial routers.

Network cable – A network cable is a cable designed to connect personal computers in an Ethernet environment so that they can share information such as Internet access.

These cables come in several types and qualities and are divided into categories.

The best and most common type today is CAT7.

Network card – A wireless network card is a card that is in the computer and allows the computer to be connected to a wireless network such as WIFI.

Network cards are available at several speeds depending on the infrastructure: 10Mbps, 100Mbps, 1000Mbps.

Network Splitter – Some people will prefer to store their router in a closet and some will prefer a switch that splits the network to each room. A mains splitter works like a power splitter, it gets a power source from the wall to one outlet and the other outputs provide electricity with a split.

The switch should support a CAT5, CAT6 and CAT7 cables.

There is a 5-port, 8-port and 16-port network splitter.

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