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Chargers and Batteries

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Chargers and Batteries

Chargers and Batteries

As we have said before, the mobile phone is one of the most important devices that most human beings have. All our information, data and memories are on the phone.

None of us want to get stuck without a battery in the device or worse that the device will break down.

Therefore, in order to avoid inconvenience and to avoid a visit to the lab and a large financial outlay, it is advisable that you take care to equip yourself in advance with a good, quality and original charger or alternatively from a reputable company and one approved by the original company, a charger that charges well and quickly.

It is also advisable to note that if your device is not new and you feel that the battery charges slowly and runs out quickly or the phone really heats up and the battery swells, replace the battery quickly as it may cause you irreversible damage to the phone which you probably do not want to happen so pay attention to these things. .

When the time comes to replace a battery in a phone then just like the charger, we recommend buying a strong, good and quality battery from a reputable and happy company for your phone type.

4 important criteria for choosing a charger adapter

Connector type – the type of connection of the charger to the device, note that you choose a charger that will be correct in terms of connection to your device.

Voltage input – the voltage that the charger receives.

Good household chargers will get a voltage of 220-240 volts, however car chargers will usually be 12 volts.

Voltage output – the amount of volt production from the charger at the output. The output voltage is written on the sticker on the battery.

Current output – the amount of current that the device is capable of producing.

The newer phones are relatively similar in their data which makes the purchase easier but still one has to pay attention to the data in order to purchase the right charger / battery for your device.

A phone with a 3.7 volt battery will need a 5.0 or 5.3 volt charger.

Older phones with higher battery voltage will need a higher voltage charger.

Chargers that come with a cable can be connected to the phone and the socket and you can pull out the cable and also connect it to the computer. Which is excellent and useful and most of the cargoes are like that.

When we talk about chargers we are not only talking about a charger that charges the phone through the wall socket but also car chargers and portable chargers.

A car charger is a body that is connected to the entrance cigarette lighter of a car and thus the phone can be charged with the help of the vehicle’s electricity, but note that charging in the car is slow and weak.

A portable charger is an external battery that connects via cable to the phone and can charge the phone multiple charges. Portable chargers differ in size, quality and power.

There are portable chargers that will charge slowly and will work better if you do not touch the phone while and in addition will not be able to make a large amount of charges and there are chargers that will process quickly and allow charging while using the phone and in addition are powerful enough to charge a large amount of charges.

Mobile chargers work themselves on charging their battery and their power varies.

When it comes to batteries, nowadays most smart devices do not allow removal of the battery so in order to get to the battery the device has to be disassembled, which means that battery replacement is done in repair and not independently. Compared to old phones that can be replaced independently.

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