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Multimedia is a form of communication that combines different information such as text, audio, images and video into one view.

Unlike devices that existed in the past that were large and cumbersome and very inconvenient to use and usually each operation needed its own device, today, there are multimedia devices.

A multimedia device is a device that can combine several high quality operations and is small and compact,

For example music players, Bluetooth receivers and basically any small system that does some innovative operations.

We at Computer Leader have several types of multimedia devices.

Among them are music players and Bluetooth receivers / transmitters, compact stereo system. Turntables also belong to them.

Music and video players:

MP3 Music players today are smaller and more comfortable.

Whereas in the past players like DiskMan player were used that were built on CD  discs that could break down easily and were used by connecting a cable.

Nowadays, there are tiny, light and comfortable musicians that even fit in your pocket.

These players broadcast music and video and usually work wirelessly with a Bluetooth connection.

They offer large storage capacity and long battery hours.

If you use a music player to store data files, you should take a device with more memory like iBasso, Fiio players that connect to any computer with Windows.

The most advanced work on the Android system.

Bluetooth receivers and transmitters:

There are smaller and larger devices.

Some devices do only one operation or receiver or transmitter and there are also devices that do these two operations together in only one device.

These devices enable high quality hearing through a Bluetooth connection at a reception distance of up to 50 meters.

Many devices support headphone connection and are ideal for watching TV.

Radio transmitters and stereo systems:

Radio transmitters work on batteries, regular radio works on connecting to electricity.

We at Leader Computers also have stereo systems that have Bluetooth and therefore can be used as a speaker for the phone and also have a radio.

Mobile DVD and CD and Key:

These two are also considered multimedia systems.

They are small and portable and can store audio and video files and project them on your computer screen.

That is, any device that can be used to listen to music, watch video, etc., whether it is a Bluetooth connection or an electrical connection, all of these are considered multimedia devices.

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