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Disk drives

A CD drive is an electronic device that can read data from a disk (CD) by optical means.

The first use of these drives was for listening to music.

Later, CD-ROMs appeared for home computers that could be used to play games.

Production of CD drives was discontinued in 2001 and then high-capacity DVD drives began to be produced

More and larger volume than CD drives.

CD burners provide a convenient, reliable and inexpensive solution for backing up information

And increase the storage memory of the PC-solution that makes them

Relevant to your computerized work environment.

Today most computers are marketed without a CD burner but instead use USB.

The CD burner burns both CD and DVD.

CD size is up to 700 MB and DVD volume is up to 4.7 GB.

CD burners are suitable for personal and business use.

A home user can make personal CDs, which contain software, music files, photo albums, videos, and basically any digital information.

A business user can make use of the technology for backing up important information, creating information archives, distributing heavy files and as a reliable and inexpensive information storage solution.

There are all kinds of CD burning drives, for example:

CD-R drives – CD burners with one-time read and write capability.

CD-RW drives – where the writing capability is reusable.

DVD R – Burnable media is similar to CD-R but the difference is in volume.

DVD-RW – Allows rewriting on top of it.

BLU RAY – An advanced format for storing information and can store 25GB.

What to focus on?

Connection interface – A connection between the drive and a stationary computer is made by IDE or Sata.

The connection between the drive and the laptop is made by a Serial ATA cable or mini SATA.

Anyone who does not have a drive on a computer and wants to connect from the outside can do so via an external connection via USB

Access to information – If you plan to access a lot of information stored on CDs, purchase a fast burner. Look for the lowest numbers, when it comes to time average access to data (recommendation: ms250 or below.)

Burning media – CDs for purchase are available in groups of 10, 25, 50 or 100 units.

If when you start burning, you are sure the burn will be one-time, use on CD-Rs and DVD-Rs, which cost less than CD-RWs and DVD-RWs.

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