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We all know what headphones are and probably all of us or most of us also have at least one pair of headphones.

There is a huge selection of headphones of all sizes and qualities and many companies manufacture them.

The headphones are a device that is mounted on the ears and they help us to transfer the audio like recorded messages, calls, music and any audio from another device like TV, computer, phone, music player etc. to our headphones thus allowing us to hear better and clearer to the ear without having to hear the background noises around us and thus it prevents us from disturbing the environment and in addition those around us will not be heard and thus we will not disturb our environment and we will also be able to maintain our privacy.

Today headphones are a very common, sold and useful product and you will hardly know a person who does not have headphones of any kind.

As we have already said there is a large selection of headphones like:

Large headphones that connect to the computer, large headphones with a wireless Bluetooth connection that are intended for the computer and also those that are intended for a TV, small headphones with a cable that connects to the phone and wireless Bluetooth headphones that connect wirelessly to the phone, etc.

Another use for headphones is for a recording studio because the headphones give acoustic insulation

Thus giving the option to accurately hear each sound individually.

There are several headphone jacks:

Standard headphones – These are the headphones that are worn on the ear, lined with a sponge and attached by a plastic bow and the same components on the head.

Button headphones – two small plastics that go into the ear canal and are separated from each other.

In-ear headphones– Exactly the same as the button headphones but the only thing that sets them apart is that it is connected to their silicone speakers which are designed to pad and separate the headphone from the ear canal and thus it creates comfort and softening.

Studio headphones – the most professional, high-quality and expensive headphones.

They consist of two large, high-quality speakers that are also wrapped in a sponge to soften and filter out noise and create acoustic insulation.

The disadvantages of headphones are that they isolate noise and thus may prevent you from hearing an approaching danger or calling your name.

In addition, listening at too high a volume over time can impair hearing.

One last thing is that the headphones are often uncomfortable and painful to the ear with multiple use, so it is advisable to choose headphones to buy not only according to the quality of the sound but also according to the comfort.

Everyone has a different ear structure so everyone will fit a different ear

It is advisable to go to the store and measure the headphones to know if the same headset is comfortable for you or not.

We at Leader Computers have a large selection of headphones of all types and sizes and we will be happy to be at your service and advise you choose the headphones that will suit you in terms of budget, quality and comfort.

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