Vocal Dynamic Microphone Sony F-V100

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Product description

  • Vocal Dynamic Microphone Sony F-V100

    Compact, easy to carry design

    is affordable and comfortable to hold and tote

    Long 9'8″ microphone cord

    adds extra versatility for use in a wide range of situations

    Wide frequency response-100Hz to 10kHz

    is suitable for clear pick-up when recording speech or vocal music

    UniMatch® plug

    allows microphone to be used with all types of components

  • Enjoy karaoke with an Omni-directional microphone
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Technical Specifications

Additional information

Weight 250 kg


Connections and Connectivity

PL3.5mm, PL6.3mm, חוטיות

Microphone design

מיקרופון דינמי


59 dB


300 Ω

תווח תדרים

100-10,000 הרץ

אורך כבל

3 מטר




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