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Super Gilda Cleaning Cloth 50x60cm

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Product description

Super Gilda Cleaning Cloth

Original cloth, beware of fakes!

  • Doesn't leave Wiping marks
  • Doesn't scratch and washable
  • Absorbs up to half a liter

Appropriate for cleaning:

LCD monitors, PC monitors, Plasmas, Vitrine Windows, Glass Tables, Marble, Ceramic, glasses and mobiles.

The most amazing cleaning cloth for daily use.
Spotless is made of composite microfiber and very fine particles, offering coverage of large surface areas and featuring high absorption and cleaning qualities.
Spotless has been approved and certified and is currently being used for cleaning optical and delicate surfaces in the military and hi-tech industries.
Perfect for cleaning laptops, cell phones, tablets, monitors, computers, stainless steel flat surfaces, cars, RV’s, boats, motorcycles, bicycles, kitchen appliances, kitchen flat surfaces,  ceramic & induction stoves, refrigerators, shiny surfaces (glasses & dishes), keyboards, mice and many more. 
Spotless is used for camera lens, eyeglasses, binoculars, telescopes, headphones and more.
Spotless is great for cleaning delicate surfaces, including electronic appliances at home, in the car and at the office.
Also, the durable and long-lasting Spotless cloth is perfect for removing oily fingerprints.
This cloth is a Must-Have!
Instructions For Use:
When used for the first time, we recommend soaking the chamois in hot water without fear of damaging the cloth.
Wet and rinse thoroughly with water, wring well and wipe the surface. Use detergent if necessary (Spotless cleans most surfaces without detergents – saving you money).
After use, wash the cloth with lukewarm water, possibly with dish detergent, wring and dry. Cloth can be stored when dry.
In case of accumulated dirt, wash cloth in a washing machine.
When cleaning delicate surfaces, Spotless must be moist.

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Technical Specifications

Additional information

Weight 300 kg

Green Time



נפח / כמות

1 יח'


50×60 ס"מ

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