Silicon Eearphones Koss Mirage


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Silicon Eearphones Koss Mirage

The noise isolating ability of the Koss Mirage in-ear headphones make them an ideal option for music lovers who live at the gym. The custom comfort of silicone ear cushions (available in three sizes) and a variety of stylish colors (complementing the design of today’s MP3 players) all adds to your ability to take these in-ear headphones anywhere. From treadmills to airplanes, sidewalks to subways, the noise isolating Mirage in-ear headphones are no trick of the senses, but the perfect vehicle for the Sound of Koss.

  • Includes small, medium and large silicone ear cushions
  • 15-20,000 Hz frequency response
  • Blue color

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Eearphones Koss Mirage Blue

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