Laptop rental in Jerusalem

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Laptop rental in Jerusalem

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Leader Computers, offers laptop computer rentals for both corporate and private customers.

Rental Terms and Conditions

  • Minimum rental period is 3 days. 
  • Cost of computer rental for 3 days – 150nis. 
  • Cost of computer rental for 7 days – 200nis. 
  • Cost of computer rental for one month – 500nis. 
  • Cost for any period longer than one month must be coordinated with the owners of the company. 
  • Payment for rental must be paid upon first receiving computer. 
  • Upon receiving computer, customer must leave a deposit of 1,500nis by credit card or cash, which will be returned upon returning the computer in fine condition, with no damages. 
  • The customer is fully responsible for computer loss or any physical damage. 
  • The client shall not be held responsible for deleting files or software programs unintentionally, so that once the computer is retuned, all software will be reinstalled. 
  • Late returns without 24 hour notice will incur a penalty fee of 50nis for each late day. 

 In case computer is late by one week or more, Leader Computers, reserves the right to use customer's security deposit to cover costs.

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