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HP OneLam 400W Laminating machine A3 Pages

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Product description

HP OneLam 400W Laminating machine A3 Pages

Model: 3161

  • Suitable for use in business cards the size of a business card up to A3.
  • Ready to use in 2-4 minutes.
  • Suitable for use in packages 75/85 up to 120 microns thick.
  • Working speed 400mm per minute.
  • Dimensions 46cm x 14cm x 8.6cm.
    Dimensions (width X depth X height)
  • 400W motor power.
  • 2 rolls with a heating element at a temperature of 120-150 degrees.
  • White color.
  • Comes with a kit of 15 laminated cases, guillotine and roller cutting, corner alignment.

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Technical Specifications

Additional information


גודל דף


Laminating speed

40cm per minute

עד עובי

75/80-120 Microns



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