Apple computers diagnostics and repairs in Jerusalem

price: 250.00

Product description

Apple Repair Lab

Have you been in that situation which the power supply burned,
The fans made a lot of noise,
The computer was on but there was no picture on the screen,
Your computer worked slowly or didn't work at all,
And you didn't know what to do?

Don't Worry!
Leader Computers's experts
with 20 years of experience, are here to help you .
Leader Computers's experts will fix and solve every problem in your apple computer
and deliver you the best service, diagnostic and repair so you always will be happy.

Terms for accepting computers for repair

  • Preliminary testing conducted in front of customer, with no down payment required. 
  • Comprehensive testing conducted in technical lab without presence of the customer. 
  • Comprehensive testing may take between an hour to a few days. 
  • Comprehensive testing will not be charged more than 180nis. 
  • Computer repair will only be done upon authorization of the customer. 
  • Agreed upon cost (before repair) will not increase after the repair is done. 
  • Final cost for repair includes the cost for the preliminary test. 
  • Repairs are given a warranty ranging between 3-36 months.

We can pick up the computer from you and return it after repair!

Leader Computers | Computer Store in Jerusalem | Apple computers diagnostics and repairs in Jerusalem

Technical Specifications

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Weight 3000 kg
Computer type

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