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Studio headphones

What are studio headphones, how are they different from regular headphones and why do you need headphones especially for the studio?

These are all perfectly logical questions and we are here to answer them and help you.

If you are a studio owner or you often come to studio recordings you probably know that studio headphones are very important and are an integral part of the accessories needed to create a studio,

However, if you are new to all of this, you probably do not fully understand the importance, so we will talk about it.

Ordinary headphones will not necessarily be good headphones for the studio because their sound quality, opacity and various other components are not good enough to be used for studio recording.

Studio headphones are special, closed or opend headphones, with a clean sound that give a quality sound and are similar to reality and make the recording experience easier and of better quality.

Some important highlights to know:

– Headphones do not depend on the acoustics of the room.

– Studio headphones give the option to isolate the singer from the playback thanks to their sealing.

– You can not rely on headphones alone to create a studio because you need to hear the work through speakers and need additional tools that help create a quality studio and recording.

There are 2 types of headphones for the studio: open headphones and closed headphones.

Open headphones:

Open headphones have a sound leak during recordings, which basically means that recording made with open headphones will make it difficult to handle singing, correct fakes, add effects, and so on. For this reason we do not recommend using them for recording vocals in the studio but more for mixing.

Closed headphones:

Closed headphones separate the singer from the playback while recording.

Which is why it makes them the best kind of recording studio song. The only downside of these headphones is that the bass in them can sound a bit dull as opposed to open headphones.

Important parameters in choosing a studio headset:

As we have said, do not rely only on the headphones for the recording studio, the headphones are very important and are a major part of the recording in the studio, but you can not create a quality studio and recording without the other tools such as an isolated acoustic studio, monitoring system, speakers, etc.

Assuming you already have the rest of the equipment and all that is left is the choice of headphones then these are two important components for choosing headphones apart from the differences we talked about between open and closed headphones.

1. Sound – Sound is a very important component in choosing headphones.

The sound affects the final recording, the end result, if the headphones are opaque but the sound is bad then the recording will sound and be of poor quality which we of course do not want to happen so it is advisable to choose headphones with a clean and good sound.

2. Power – The power of the headphones is no less important.

If the resistance of the headphones is greater, so is the higher power.

What the high power does is it allows you to switch between frequencies without feeling any distortion.

From all the above, we would like to sum up: for studio work, two types of headphones are used, open and closed, depending on their direct use. For professional work, ALWAYS use high quality headphones at a price you can afford.

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