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Stands and Holder


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Stands and Holder

Stands and holders are accessories for existing tools in your studio and a role to support and hold the tools and thus make it easier to work with them, maintain them and actually make the studio more quality. When you want to create a quality studio and produce quality sound you must check that the studio and all the instruments in it are right and good so we as professionals will be happy to help you and accompany you in finding the right way to find everything you need to build a good studio.

Types of stands:

Monitor stands – The best place to place a studio monitor is on a stable stand, we recommend purchasing a heavy stand, it should be double the weight of the monitor.

If you choose an unstable enough stand then the monitor will move it which will make the sound unstable as well. Quality stands can be expensive so if it is not in your budget it is better to place the monitor on a stable table than on a low quality stand.

Speaker stands – even the best speaker available will not be enough if you do not position it correctly.

In order for you to get the best version your speaker can give, you will need to position it correctly. There are many stable and high-quality stands and racks for speakers.

Choosing a good stand should be done first by the question of whether you are looking for a stand that you will assemble regularly in your studio or you are producing events and need a stand that is portable.

Microphone stands – Quality microphone stands do not get enough credit, many people think that a stand is a stand and it does not matter so much which one is chosen. This is where the mistake begins.

You do not want to experience a situation where your microphone in which you have invested a lot of money will fall and crash and in order for such mental anguish not to happen, it is very worthwhile for you to invest in a stable and strong enough stand.

What are the types available in the market?

Tripod stands – very common and intended for general use.

Tripod boom stands – they have a longer reach than a standard tripod.

Round base stands – the best stands for singers performing on stage.

They take up less floor space and are harder to trip up.

Low profile stands – stands that can be used for drums and guitars.

Desk stands – stands used to hold a microphone on the table for recording podcasts, etc.

Overhead stands – the largest and most expensive stands and useful for height needs and extreme angles.

Digital piano Stands – In this case many Digital pianos come with a stand. If yours does not come with a stand, then we strongly recommend that you choose a good one and purchase one because it is not possible to use Digital piano without a stand and it should be strong and stable.

There are a few things to know to choose the best stand for you.

First you need to know what your Digital pianos dimensions are and choose a stand accordingly.

The best choice is to choose an adjustable stand, secondly you should choose a stable stand that can hold the weight of your Digital piano.

Guitar stands – what makes a guitar stand good? First of all, the materials from which it is made.

Especially the supportive part of the stand, nowadays many stands offer excellent designs and excellent upholstery but the supporting frame is not good enough, buying such a stand is quite a stand the point in the stand and you should avoid it.

Of course there are many more stands for all kinds of tools and different parameters to choose from but here we have chosen to detail the most central options and we will be happy to assist you beyond that in our store.

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