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Sound Amplifiers

Sound Amplifiers

What is an amplifier?

The amplifier is responsible for regulating the volume, meaning it controls the volume.

The amplifiers control the volume of musical instruments like guitars and drums, the treble, the bass and all the other amplification parts of the sound or stereo system.

You connect the instrument whose sound you want to amplify via a cable to the amplifier, thus allowing it to control and regulate the volume of the instrument.

Many of you may not fully understand the difference between a speaker and an amplifier, as both are somewhat related to volume. But this is not exactly the case.

While a speaker is responsible for playing the actual track, the amplifier does not play the sound but is only responsible for controlling the volume.

How to choose an amplifier?

What is the purpose of your system?

Most amplifiers share similar characteristics. However, depending on the purpose of use, there are additional features that are very important to consider.

For standard music systems, stereo amplifiers with two amplification channels are usually used; for work in home theater systems, multichannel amplifiers are intended, which have three or more amplification channels. For high-end systems, per-channel amplification is used, the so-called single-channel mono amplifiers, where each channel is amplified by its own monoblock and due to independence from everything else, the highest sound quality is achieved. When used with a high-quality system with monoblock or stereo power amplifiers, you must also purchase a preamplifier that will amplify the low-level signal from sound sources and also adjust the volume.

Pay attention to the size of the space into which you insert the amplifier. The size of the amplifier should match the size of the space so it is advisable to measure the size of the space in advance before purchasing.

Amplifier types:

There are several types of amplifiers and each one has its own purpose so understand the differences and choose the right amplifier for you. Of course we at Leader Computers will be happy to be at your service and advise you on choosing the best and most correct amplifier for you.


Integrated Amplifier – The most common type of home amplifier, this amplifier is also found in receivers and includes all amplification levels.

Preamplifier – The first amplifier level, it is responsible for controlling the incoming signals and switching between the various inputs.

Power Amplifier – Responsible for amplifying the signal coming from the preamplifier, the power amplifier must work together with a preamplifier. If you have these two types – preamp and power amplifier you will not need a combined amplifier.

Mono block – an amplifier that affects only one channel. For a stereo system 2 such are required while for a cinema system 6 such are required.

Digital – The new generation of amplifiers, amplifiers of this type perform the amplification digitally.

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