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A mixer or in its name in Hebrew the sound mixer is a device that is used in a recording and performance studio and With its help, you can change not only the output volume, but also use various sound effects such as echo, reverb, delay, etc..

The mixer routes, summarizes and changes the volume of the sound signals and thus creates a sonic balance.

All of these make the mixer the main operator of the sound system and is the basis for any good sound system. The mixer is a basic and important item for anyone who intends to amplify and record sounds.

It navigates, regulates and connects all the instruments thus creating a perfect harmony.

You will find mixers of all kinds in recording studios, radio studios, DJ stands, productions, etc.

How does the mixer actually work?

The mixer has a number of special audio inputs to which all the audio sources are connected.

The mixer centralizes all the sources and sounds and processes them together.

The mixer is important because it adds quality and color to the sound, it can work with a large amount of different sounds, makes sound changes and so on.

How to choose a mixer?

Before you buy a mixer it is important to know a few things.

How many sources do you intend to use? You should know how many instruments you will need to connect to a mixer and thus choose a sound mixer that can simultaneously handle the amount of channels you need specifically.

Mixer as a sound card – There are mixers that can also be used as a sound card, a mixer that can be connected to a computer and thus convert the sound into a digital signal.

This is something that not every mixer can do so if this is an option that is important for you, you should check that it exists in the mixer you intend to purchase.

Effects – what effects your mixer comes with and what kind of effects would you like your mixer to be able to perform. Pay attention to the type of effects and the amount of effects that exist in the mixer before you buy.

For example effects for singing or maybe for musical instruments. It is important that you are aware of your needs.

If you are recording artists then you will probably need more effects than if you use a mixer for karaoke evenings and the like.

Amplified mixer – There are also mixers that come with an amplifier built into them.

This option allows you to work with non-amplified speakers.

This option can make your job easier and more convenient.

If this is an option that is important to you, check that the mixer you buy can also be used as an amplifier and check the power of the amplifier.

Designation and quality – There are many mixers and each mixer is designed for something different.

Note that you choose a mixer that is designed for your type of work.

Is it a mixer for a DJ or a mixer for recording and of course we recommend that you choose a mixer from a reputable company to ensure that you get a quality and good sound.

The most popular are Behringer, Phonic and Yamaha.

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