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Professional microphones

Professional microphones- In this category we will talk about professional microphones that are used for studio recordings.

The simple microphones we are familiar with for karaoke singing and the like are not microphones that are suitable for a recording studio and sound recording at all.

The reason for this is that in order to record sound, a microphone is needed that is as professional and high-quality as possible, which will produce a clean and clear sound and will have a good noise barrier, all in order to get the best and cleanest recording result.

We do not want to record a distorted, shaky sound with background noises.

Choosing a microphone for a studio is not an easy task because there are many types and many companies and we will want as we have already said to choose a quality and good microphone that will suit our needs.

What does the microphone do?

The function of the microphone is to take sound waves and turn them into an analog electrical signal that can be amplified, played and recorded.

There are microphones of several types and each performs these actions differently.

The types of microphones used in recording studios are: dynamic microphone, condenser microphone and microphone ribbon.

Types of microphones:

Dynamic microphone – The dynamic microphone is the least sensitive microphone among the microphones. The dynamic microphone is good for high volume and is suitable for recording powerful instruments such as guitar and bass amplifiers etc. Is good for making a sound of a rougher voice like male vocals. It is less suitable for delicate recording.

The dynamic microphone is good for a relatively low budget because it is inexpensive.

Condenser microphone – This type of microphone is an excellent and high-quality microphone.

It has a more sensitive and lighter mechanism than the other microphones.

It picks up a larger frequency range, and gives detailed and clear recordings.

This microphone is great for recording vocals, acoustic guitars, percussion and any instrument that needs rich sound.

A condenser microphone is sensitive to loud sound so be careful when recording so as not to ruin it.

This microphone is known for its ability to pick up weak and distant sound and is therefore good for a studio with very high sound insulation.

Please note, if you are purchasing a single microphone of this type for your studio, it is better to purchase a large diaphragm type condenser which is a very diverse type and gives many options.

Ribbon microphone – This is an old type of microphone that was used more in the 60s-70s, sometimes used even today but hardly ever.

These microphones are extremely delicate and therefore require a lot of attention and preservation.

Sound that is too loud can be very harmful to him.

This microphone is especially good for recording instruments like trumpet, and trombone.

It gives a vintage sound effect so whoever is interested in this effect in his recordings it will be great for him.

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