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Editing software

Sound editing software

There are quite a few sound editing software and they are relatively close to each other in terms of capabilities

Making the choice of which software to use a little more difficult, in the end the choice will be according to your personal taste and depending on which software is more convenient for you to use.

There are software that can be downloaded for free and also more professional and quality software that are of course paid. It’s all a question of what your needs are, how much experience you have, etc.

There is no point in running to spend a lot of money on the most professional software when you are just starting out, you can for starters also settle for good free software and slowly upgrade.

What exactly is audio editing?

When you think about it, editing usually belongs to the visual part which means usually when we hear the word editing we will probably think about editing photos, video, but also sound editors.

When recording a sound, we want to edit it with tools such as cutting sections, splitting sections, duplicating using a copy paste, adding sections on the recording, adding various effects and everything related to sound handling.

All this is done after the recording using editing software.

Editing in an audio editing software is suitable for any sound such as music, singing, voice recording such as a podcast, etc.

Options that audio editing software allows to perform:

  1. Removal of breathing, coughing or any background noise that interferes.
  2. Repeat repetitive sound.
  3. Adding music on top of the sound as an introduction and ending or even while.
  4. Stretching and shortening of effects.
  5. Connecting some audio clips.
  6. Synchronization between different instruments.
  7. Creating loops, cuts and shortcuts.

Make no mistake the software does a lot of things but that does not mean it is easy. You need to know how to work with these programs and it is a job that requires time, patience and great accuracy.

Some of the most recommended software today:

Apple logic Pro X – Audio editing software designed for MACs.

The software combines full and non-linear recording and a very high level sampler.

Cubase – is a program from one of the most popular sound card manufacturers, Steinberg. A program for recording and mixing music.

Avid pro tools – one of the most well-known, professional and high-quality editing software available.

Her name follows her as a software of the professionals in the field and can be worked with on music, video, games and podcasts.

Abelton live- Great software for live use especially for electronic music.

Audacity– If you are just starting out in recording music and podcasts, this software is great and easy to use, it will be the best choice for you for a start.

Magix Samplitude- Great software if you are looking to upgrade and move from beginner level to professional level. It will provide you with all the digital editing needs.

Of course there are many more editing software but we have detailed you here about some familiar software

And we will be happy to advise you more at our store – Leader Computers.

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