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Cables and audio adapters

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Cables and audio adapters

Cables and adapters sound like the most marginal and unimportant things when it comes to devices and many will see cables as an annoying thread that is not really required and only interferes and makes a mess in the eyes.

But the truth is that cables are one of the most important and significant ancillary products to your device.

When it comes to specific audio, audio cables are what are used to produce sound.

The same cables that connect to your computer, microphone, amplifier, speaker or musical instruments and allow you to connect the devices and thus correct and good volume.

 Few things to know:

The first is that when you are looking for a cable, you should choose a high-quality cable of the Balance type. That is a balanced cable whose connection is not accompanied by interference and noise, but is stable and the sound it produces is smooth and clean.

The second thing to know is that there are two types of ways to connect: mono and stereo.

Mono – sounds in one channel and stereo – sounds in two separate channels.

In this category we will talk about the wide variety of cables and audio adapters that exist.

Cables – There are several types of audio cables.

RCA Connections – An RCA connection is a common and old type of video and audio connection.

This connection is used to connect audio and video with a standard RCA plug.

These connections come in different colors matched to the colors of the device connections.

This connection is the standard and familiar connection for all of us.

XLR– This connector is very common and balanced, it is professional and high quality.

It connects microphones, mixers and speakers mainly.

This cable consists of three strands – negative and two positive.

3.5mm – The familiar and common headphone plug for connecting headphones to a phone.

6.35mm– A common plug for connecting guitars, guitar amplifiers and speakers.

AUX cable – a very common cable that we are all familiar with, which transmits sound between a computer and a stereo system or from our smartphone to the car, etc.

This connection has a TRS connector that transmits a signal to the audio.

Toslink – transmits audio via an optical cable, this cable transmits electrical signals and converts them into a light configuration and they are transmitted using plastic or glass fiber.

COAX – An electrical communication cable made up of two conductive layers in the shape of a cylinder with one hollow and the other sealed. This connector is similar to RCA and differs in that it transmits an electrical signal rather than an analog one.

SPDIF – A standard for digital audio transmission using an optical or coaxial connection.

HDMI – This is a standard for transmitting a video or audio signal between the audio-video equipment, the connection defines an electrical connection in the equipment and the communication cables.


When we talk about adapters we mean splitters of all kinds and all those accessories that are designed to connect the cables to the devices and especially when it is necessary to connect several cables from one port.

There are many types of adapters and all you need to do is tell us which of your cables requires an adapter and we will make sure to match you with the adapter or splitter that will suit you.

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